If you don’t want to be a cow, you could read this.

Mankind domesticated animals in Mesopotamia or the Euphrates delta in the period from 8,000 to 2,500 BC. We learned how to make the animals work for us, without paying them much, except provide them food and shelter.

Now the protagonists of the Stalker Economy have invented the technological means and learned how to domesticate (pun intended) mankind, aka you and I. It will be a similar millstone in the evolution of man to that of animal domestication.

You and I, we are all cows. We are not even given food and shelter and have to fend for us selves, but we do produce milk – and lots of it. If you visit a Web-site, make a payment transaction, chat with a co-corker, post a picture on FB, search for stuff, places, events, objects, illnesses, etc. you produce milk.

All this is harvested by the multifarious agents of the STALKER ECONOMY, processed in vast factories (data centres), mixed, combined, packed nicely and sold to the highest bidder on the world market. Most of it is like fresh food, its’ shelf-life is short. The data must be up to date. But we continue to update it hour by hour, every day, so there is no problem. Fresh milk is always flowing.

Make no mistake – we are the cows, but unlike old fashioned cows that are milked twice a day only, you and I, we are milked 24/7.

And our milk is much more worth. Do realize that 4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world, have no other raw material in the plants than the digital traces you leave every minute of your life. All their income is derived from your data and nothing else. Imagine that. Billions and billions of dollars.

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