We live in an era of choices. Especially in the developed world. Endless choices. From what movie we want to see tonight to what education to get. From what type of food to eat for lunch to where to settle down and live our lives.

The same goes for businesses. There are a lot of tools out there to enhance companies, make them run smoother and more effective, release employees from unnecessary stress and burdens.

Over the past few years, it has become quite clear that the way to go for companies that want to stay competitive is to implement social media in their work flows. To have your employee’s work ethic and enthusiasm die the slow death by a thousand emails, belongs to the past. Not having an open thought and work process where everybody involved can follow the work in real time, as well as back track at their own convenience, is also soon just a vague memory of a corporate environment – recent in time but ancient in the way it’s perceived and remembered. With a social work tool, clients can be included in the process, which in certain cases can be an advantage. Transparency can lead to very strong customer relationships.

And so we get back to the choices. What platform to use? What software to incorporate in the workflow? But the questions don’t stop there. The even more important question to ask is: what about safety?

Implementing social media in a corporate environment is highly risky. Social media opens your structure up for intrusion. Every device, every part of your business that is connected to the Internet is also a potential way in for intruders, hackers and viruses. It also raises the risks of human errors. Keep in mind the risk of your employees migrating their work discussions into other platforms, for example private channels. It is important to stress the point of security and to invest in something safe.

A lot of social media companies collect data about their users and send it off to third party companies. Also, this poses a threat to your company and you are exposing your employees to surveillance by other companies and political forces.

Idka offers a reliable, sophisticated and effective answer to the question, where do I turn to meet these challenges? Idka is a social media platform that is completely private; no data is collected; no information is kept or stored; all you publish, write, send, etc., is yours and yours alone.

A business must be a part of the world it exists in. If you don’t keep up, naturally you will fall behind. The world today is interconnected, so should your company be.