Collaboration should be easy. In the digital age, and especially as more of us are working remotely, you need smooth interaction, and seamless communication, in and between teams and organizations – wherever you are, and no matter what device you use. Working together, friction-free.  With privacy built in. That’s Idka. That’s co-flow.

Does your work life lack flow? Are the tools and services you use to collaborate making work messy, complicated, or slow? Do they require frequent IT support? Are you unable to connect across teams and with people outside your organizations at the same time? Does the platform you use to communicate require other disparate systems for functionality like storage? If so, are those systems compromising the privacy and security of your information? At Idka, our goal is to simplify the way colleagues, teams and organizations work together to get things done, and without the worry that your information is not private. With Idka, you get 100% co-flow – with privacy built in.

Idka gives you encrypted chat; cloud storage built into every relationship you have; open, closed, or hidden groups; newsfeed to keep ideas flowing, notes to help keep you organized; and circles to help you manage your contacts. You don’t have to jump between different chat systems and storage platforms. Idka keeps all the functionality you love – safely in one place.. With Idka, GDPR-compliance is a given. Our privacy policy is simple and straightforward. Other than to provide optimal experience, we don’t track your behavior, and will never share or sell your information. The information and data you store and share, is yours. At all times. On top of that, there are no ads or algorithms to distract you from co-flow. We keep your information safe, so that you and your coworkers can work effectively, and worry-free.

Ready? Let’s co-flow!

We understand that many of you are currently working from home during this time of crisis. We know this can be challenging, and we’d like to help you and your teams stay productive. We are currently offering a Free Trial for corporate accounts, including access to all functionality and 100GB of storage. For more information, simply visit us at or send us a message at Need help? Have questions? We’re always happy to chat.