This short tutorial video will take you through all the BASIC FUNCTIONALITY of Idka.

Learn how to CREATE A PROFILE and INVITE FRIENDS and colleagues to join you on Idka.

Idka’s NEWSFEED feature allows you to post stories and updates with pictures, and video – and choose with whom to share.

Idka is best in GROUPS! Learn how to easily create and join open, closed or completely hidden groups on Idka.

Learn how to Create CONVERSATIONS and CHAT in complete privacy with your friends, family, and colleagues on Idka.

Idka’s unique CLOUD STORAGE system is built in to every relationship you have. Store and share pictures, video, documents and files.

Idka includes a NOTES system – so you don’t miss a thing!

Learn how you can organize your contacts into CIRCLES or sets. Create whatever cirlces you wish.

Easily create an ORGANIZATION and include groups within it, to safely communicate and collaborate internally.

STARTUPS use Idka to communicate between teams, store and share documents and files without risk of material getting into the wrong hands. Be safe from the get-go!

Idka is the perfect setting for PRIVATE GROUPS. Communicate, share, store anything. Express yourself freely, and safely.

Mainstream social media, for many, is no place for children. Connect with FAMILY, store photos and files. … Just you and your FAM!

Take a peek at our bi-monthly vidcast – GoodTech – an ongoing discussion on Ethics and Technology.