Are you a deviant person? According to Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google), you have no private life, so if your life style or thinking is deviant, you should stop it! The problem is: what is deviant is fluid and relative, all at the same time.

Consider this quote from Eric Schmidt: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” (

The implication of this statement (which is astonishingly simplistic and naive) by a very influential person, an adviser to the former US president, is that your life is and will be public and that you have no choice.
The concept of a ‘private life’ simply should not and does not exist. Sadly, Mr. Schmidt’s attitude is shared by many people, investors and companies. It must be, because they are all heavily invested in what has become the Stalker Economy, a new industry that has grown faster than anything in history. The raw material in this industry is YOU and therefore the story of your life, what makes you tick, what you think and how you live must be available to them to transform into hard cash.

Take a minute to think about what is deviant behavior. It is a very fluid concept, more so than you think perhaps. Will it have repercussions to be homosexual, transgender, communist, Hindu or Muslim, anarchist, pro-choice, pro-democracy, anti-fascist in Poland and Hungary the next decades? The answer is that you don’t know for sure! Blasphemy has for centuries been considered the worst offense of all, punishable by torture and death. In many places around the world today it has become protected under the right to free speech.

However, fundamental religious movements in an unholy temporal alliance between Christians and Muslim is in some places fighting for its reinstatement as the ‘gravest of offenses’. Another example is the right to self-determined abortion. It is considered a right of women in the US right now, -it was not some decades ago – and what will it be in the next decades? Strong forces are now fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade. Social norms have been and continue to be fluid concepts.

In Turkey, following a certain religious leader was a short time ago following the country’s leading powers, today it may cost you your job, get you imprisoned or worse. Consider Darwinism versus Creationism doctrines. Will it be deviant in the future to be a Darwinist? Will that preclude you from getting a job, or ruin your career? Supporting legalizing drugs? – OK under today’s order, but tomorrow? Religious, political and economic forces generate change – sometimes fast change. Or, you may move to a different country, voluntarily or not, what then…?

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