*Important Announcement

Dear Friends,

Most of us have never experienced anything like the difficult times we are living through now. Like so many of you, we have struggled through lockdown and global economic crisis – but also through illness and devastating personal loss. We know we are not alone.

And so, with heavy hearts, we reach out today to let you know we must close our doors. For now.

As most of you know, Idka was started by a small group of inspired privacy enthusiasts and activists – a group which has since been joined by other similarly driven people: Staff, consultants, investors and other supporters. We are all very proud of the idea, and of the ‘designed bottom-up for privacy’ collaboration and social media platform that Idka has become. We sincerely thank all the present and past staff and consultants who have contributed to this fantastic achievement.

We thank you, the user and enthusiast, for your ongoing support. And we thank the contributors to our blog and videocast – GoodTech – who have kept the very important dialogue around privacy alive and motivating people to act – and to join the Idka community.

Unfortunately, despite growing enthusiasm and attention to privacy and the ethical use of technology, we have not managed to grow our user base as fast as we would have hoped and, in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves short on the capital needed to sustain and further grow the company.

There is a new trend within the investment community that we have had the good fortune to be part of. Funds that specialize in purpose-driven companies and business ideas with a particular focus on privacy. Signs were positive that we would raise growth capital from one or more of these very exciting new funds. But we have been unable to secure the bridge financing needed to see us through this crisis and on to the next phase.

As a result of this, and in spite of our hard work and your support, the board has taken the decision to inform you that the Idka service may discontinue at any time; and that you, as a matter of priority, should download any material you have uploaded to the cloud storage.

We are very sorry to have to write this message, but we urge you to save all digital assets as soon as possible, as outlined below.

Even in darkness, we hold on to the light of hope that we will get through this time, and that Idka will rise again.

Until then, stay safe, take care of yourself, your family and your friends in these difficult times.

All the best from the Idka team.

On safeguarding your digital assets

Downloading digital assets from the Idka cloud storage can only be done on the web, not your mobile device.

How to do this is described in the service. Here is where:
Go to your profile (open Idka and look at the left top corner), click at the 3 dots in a circle to left of the Profile picture. Click on ‘Settings’ in the menu that opens. In the new menu under the ‘Settings’ headline, click on “Download data”.

You may download single files, or whole folder-structures. If you download folders (either right click on the folder icon or hover to open the folder menu and choose ‘Download’), they will be packaged as compressed Zip-files. These needs to be unpacked once downloaded the Zip-file to your computer. In most setups, this is simply done by double-clicking on the file and use ‘extract’ or ‘copy’ function (as in copying form the zip-file to the computer).

Personal user profiles:
You need to go through your own storage (My files), and all storage shared with your friends/contacts (Our files), and for all the storage for any Groups (Group files) you are member of or have created yourself.

Business/organizational profiles:
For business/organizational profile accounts, the Owner(s) should remind members of the organization that in terms of Groups, the content is only accessible to Group members (and not the Owner) so the Moderators of each Group should download information that belongs to the business or organization. This is important to save all relevant information.

Each member/user need to go through his/hers own storage (My files), and all storage shared with contacts (Our files), and for all the storage in Groups (Group files) that he/she is a member of.