Last week, Idka attended the Nordic Privacy Arena 2019 – the biggest data protection conference in the Nordics. With guests like the Swedish Minister of Digital Development, and the Global Privacy Counsel at Google, it was a must-see event.

Idka was sponsoring the event, and so we hosted a table where we showed videos, handed out gifts and talked to people coming by. It was great getting to talk to so many people from all over the world – all of them, interested in data privacy. Being a part of this global collective is truly inspiring and motivating. The conference itself was interesting; we particularly enjoyed the conversations with Alexander Hanff, co-founder & CEO at Think/Privacy, and Bo Norgren, a retired detective superintendent talking about data protection in law enforcement agencies. On the second day of the conference our CEO, Göran Wågström, gave a presentation on Surveillance Capitalism, Facebook, and of course why Idka is the best privacy tool to use. Thanks to everyone for listening!

As Google is one of the BigTech players and one of the biggest data collecting companies out there right now, it did surprise us to see one of their employees on the list of speakers at a data privacy conference. During Google’s Global Privacy Counsels’ 30 minute talk, the focus was not much on privacy at all. It mostly covered Google’s importance to the world, and their progress within AI. Of course, the Privacy Counsel failed to mention that their progress within AI means they can eavesdrop on what people say to their Google home devices. We were disappointed – but not surprised – that the Privacy Counsel didn’t talk about Google’s extensive surveillance system and all the ways they track everything users do. He did make it clear that Google will remain collecting data, which is unfortunate but expected.

We’re grateful that we got to talk to so many people about Idka, but we were also astonished by the lack of information on data collection out there. The majority of people we talked to had no idea of all of the things Facebook knows about you, or about how dangerously far Surveillance Capitalism has gone. It seems a lot of people have general knowledge of the Cambridge Analytica case, but fail to see how widespread the problem is, and how great the consequences are. It is impossible to use platforms like Facebook and Google if you want your privacy to remain intact. These BigTech companies harvest your data and information and use it against you. If you truly care about data privacy – and you should – you have to act on this. Of course, this is why conferences like this one is a great opportunity for us. What Idka does is offer an alternative for people who don’t want their data to be misused. We’re happy we got to connect with so many people over those two days, and we hope we opened up a few eyes to what it is we do.

Thanks for having us, Nordic Privacy Arena! Looking forward to next year.