By now, you’ve probably invited your friends to join you on Idka. If you’re using a mobile device, you know you can choose to invite any or all of your address book contacts. … Perhaps you’ve started a group. Now, how do you get people to talk to each other?

Things operate a bit differently on Idka than on Facebook. Without automatic news feeds, you need to fuel the conversation yourself. But when you do, the discussion is much higher quality, without the stench of unwanted ads, fake news, bots and trolls.

So how do you get the party started?

  • 1)After you’ve invited your friends, ask open-ended questions. If this is a work group, ask for input. If this is a group of friends planning a reunion, ask about venues or who else should be invited. The point is to not just say, “welcome to the group” but to open with a question that requires feedback from everyone.
  • 2)Share photos and videos. Idka offers a terabyte of storage for those who sign up this year. Plenty of room to share some multi-media conversation pieces. Storage is automatic in groups (as it is on your personal account, and between you and all your contacts). Idka is a perfect way to stay connected with your family, especially if you’re far away. Store and share those special moments by creating photos and video albums.
  • 3)Store and share documents and files. Again, Idka has automatic shared storage in groups, which makes it easy to collaborate and keep things organized with colleagues. You can create organizations in Idka, along with specialized groups within your organization.
  • 4)Keep Idka open on your desktop. Facebook and Twitter try to constantly bring you back in with notifications, some of which are relevant and some of which aren’t. With Idka, you are not bombarded with notifications. So the best way to stay engaged in the conversation, is to keep a window open on your desktop where you will get notifications when others in your group comment or post.
  • 5)Chat and make calls. Like Skype, you can instant message individual friends or sub-groups. You can also do video chat for a real-time discussion.
  • 6)Have a mission or a sense of urgency. It helps if your group is about a mission – political activism, a project with a deadline or an upcoming event. Having a goal or something to work towards keeps people engaged.

Moving to Idka takes some behavior changes when coming from Facebook, but it’s well worth the productivity gains, peace of mind, troll-free conversations and a clean news feed with no fake news. You may have to make more effort to reach out to friends and get the conversation going without the lube of false “shock” stories, but friends are worth the time and effort.

If you haven’t already signed up, Idka is free to join! We will never share or sell your information. You control the sharing.