Frequently Asked Questions

Why Idka and who can use it?

Idka was started by 3 guys who over time had become increasingly alarmed by the way social media have been transformed in to a tool for big corporations to scoop up private and personal information to turn it into hard cash. We call it the Stalker Economy. This economy opens the way for misuse of corporations, criminals and even states leading to serious abuse of people’s privacy.

In the name of “improving the service” they demand access to all your private data, such as contacts, photos, videos and other files, as well as your location, which web sites you view/use, what you search for, etc. They will tell you that the “care a lot about your privacy”, but don’t be fooled. They will grab the information, analyze it and both sell it to “affiliated parties” (ie. anyone) and exploit it commercially to the fullest extent.

Idka does none of the above. Idka is a fantastic tool for private use as well as for cooperation and interaction in organizations and businesses. Anyone can use Idka. Just head over to our site and create an Idka Account. To that you need only to specify a valid mail address and create a password.

Private persons can use Idka like they use Facebook/Google+ or any other social media platform, either instead of as a supplement to existing social platforms. The difference is that your privacy is protected and your files remain yours – fully. Use Idka to communicate with your real friends in an uncluttered, clean environment where you can focus on the important things, free of advertising, algorithm based “friends”, etc. Post photos, share files, chat and talk on video, it’s all there!

Organizations and Businesses can use Idka’s unique interaction platform to organize activities, discuss projects, share all kind of files, use video conferencing and so forth. Idka provides functionality that, in our minds, vastly supersedes that of eg. Slack. It is easy to use, needs no install and is fully cloud based.

Main Features

Idka has all the features you would expect from a social media platform. Interact with Chats, Posts, Video calls, Notes and more. Share with Idka’s unique and flexible cloud storage feature which includes folders like on your computer. ‘Drag-and-drop’ from your PC to the Idka Cloud storage or between folders. All features are available on both PC and mobile platforms.

Use Posts to start discussion threads, add photos and other files to share with your friends and colleagues, comment and give feedback.

  • Use the extensive messaging service for text video messaging called Chats. Chat one-to-one or in groups. It is easy to add photos and files to any Chat message. Share by adding files to Posts and Chats. But Idka also comes with a totally new cloud storage concept.
  • Store files (of any type) by using Idka’s unique cloud storage solution, which works more or less as you are used to on your PC. You have your own built in private file storage (My files) that you can access from all your devices. But for each Contact you will also have a built in shared private file storage (Our files), where both of you can upload organise with folder structures etc. Each Group also have a built in integrated file storage that all the members of the Group shares. The Idka Storage gives you total overview and you will always find your files. Build a common photo library with your family group that all can access and share to. Or store all the files for your project in one place, in the Group where it belongs
  • In Groups you have separate Posts, Chats and storage space, as well and Notes, shared with all Group members.
  • The powerful search allows you to search on anything on Idka that you have access to. Search for people, groups, content in posts, chats and storage.

Privacy policy summary

The Privacy Policy is made in accordance with European rules on data protection. Idka users cannot be found by searching on the Internet, but an Idka user can search for and find other Idka users within the platform.

At Idka we undertake not to:

  • Scan, read or access your information, such as communications, posts, chats, files, pictures, videos with a view to sell, share or in any other way disseminate the information or related meta-information
  • Let any other User or party see or share information by association (ie. friends of friends) or let another User change sharing of your content.
  • Sell or share information about you, your information or your usage of the Service to any other entity or partner
  • Place third party links to any service, let any third party embed links or apps that are not expressly in each instance accepted by the User, or to link or in any other way, establish or maintain a link to another service without express consent of the user
  • We will keep information in order to identify you as a user and owner of your Account and manage your use of Idka, including the possibility of auto login on trusted devices. To the extent necessary, we may access and store your information in order to comply with instructions (such as search warrant, subpoena, etc.) received from and ordered by a competent authority, which may come from a legal jurisdiction outside of Sweden.

Accounts and Profiles types

In Idka every user must have an Idka Account, so registration is mandatory. Each Idka Account can have any number of Profiles attached and users will always use one of these Profiles when interacting with others and use the Service.


  • An Idka Account is created online by a user supplying an email address and a password (mandatory). After a verification process, the account is created and enabled. The Idka Account is used by Idka for administrative purposes only.
  • There can only be one Idka Account linked to one email address, but an Idka Account may have more than one Profile.
  • When an Idka Account is created a linked Private Profile is also automatically created. On first use this Private Profile is the default Profile.
  • An Idka Account will always have a Private Profile linked to it, but the user can add any number of additional organizational or business Profiles and quickly switch between them for incredible flexibility.


  • There are two types of Profile Accounts in Idka:
    • Private Profile Accounts are tailored for individual persons and it is always linked to an Idka Account. From the Private Profile you can invite friends and join Open Groups and also join Closed or Hidden Groups in organization or businesses if you are invited.
    • Organizational Profile Accounts are tailored for businesses and organizations. Organizational Profiles have special functionality to enable a business or organization to manage their employees or members. Organizational/business accounts have the role of account manager with rights to add and delete organizational Profiles. Group moderators also have special powers to invite, deactivate and remove members or archive Groups for example.

    It is possible to invite Idka external users to a Group within an organizational or business account. Such invitee can be as ‘read only’ or ‘full member’ of the Group. The invitee will only be a member of the Group and not a friend/contact. The person invited can decide with which Profile Account he/she will use when joining a Group. Typically, an external consultant would join a project Group from his company’s Idka Business Profile, rather than his/her Private Profile.

Mobile and Web

  • Idka works on Mac and PC, apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Apps are downloadable from App Store and Google Play. All functions are available on computers and mobile devices.For computers, we recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox browsers (updated versions), but most of the functionality works on Safari and Edge as well, provided however, that certain functional limitations may apply to these browsers (specifically in respect of video/voice and encryption). Both Idka and the browsers are continuously updated, so the only way to know is to test – you will not break anything.


What happens when I delete something?

  • If you delete something, it will disappear forever from everywhere, with the exception of any back-up copies kept to safeguard the Service.
    • Posts If you delete a Post, the Post will disappear completely from everywhere on the Idka Service and no one will be able to see it or the comments related to the Post. You can only delete Posts that you have posted and not others Posts.
    • Chats You can not delete a Chat as this is a built-in one-to-one function between you and all your friends and contacts. You will have to ‘un-friend’ the contact. But, you may delete single Chat entries. This is done by either by hovering the cursor over the Chat entry or on the mobile long-press on the Chat entry. You can then choose to edit or delete the entry. If you dele a Chat entry, a line stating that an entry has been deleted is inserted to keep track of what is going on in the Chat.
    • Conversations is created either to have many-to-many chats (2 or more members); or because you want to have an end-to-end encrypted chat. You may add new friends to an existing Conversation, but that person will only be able to see entries after he/she joined. You may not delete a Conversation, but you may leave it, in which case a message will appear in the chat that you have left the Conversation. When the last person has left a Conversation, the Conversation will be deleted for real and for ever.
    • Files If you delete files they disappear for the Idka Cloud storage service, but of cause, this will not influence any copies you have on your devices (such as those up or down loaded).
    • Profiles To delete a profile, go to the Settings page of the Profile and click Delete Profile. All information linked with the Profile will be deleted for ever and can never be restored. However, you may not delete your Private Profile Account without deleting the Idka Account completely, which means that you leave the Idka Service.
    • Idka Account To delete your Ida Account and leave the Idka Service, go to the Private Profile and click Delete Profile. All information linked with the Profile will disappear for ever and can never be restored. For real!

How is my storage usage calculated?

  • The following principles apply to the calculations of how much Idka Cloud storage you have used on your Profile:Every file that you upload from your computer or mobile device is calculated as a part of your used Storage (My Files, Group Files, Our Files and the files attached to Posts and Chats). If you upload a file to you My Files on Idka and then share it with a Group, as an example, that file is only added once in your used storage volume. If you upload a file from your computer or mobile device right into a Group, that file is also calculated as a part of your used storage. This same principle of calculating storage used is also applicable for files in Chats or Posts. This means that the sum of all files you upload to Idka is calculated as your total storage usage. Each file is only calculated once independent how many times and how many you share it with.

    Available Storage will be determined by the subscription plan you have.