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Subscription service

Idka is a subscription service and the sole source of operating income will be subscription fees, payable by individual, organizational and company subscribers.

Furthermore, Idka does not generate income from advertising. This also applies to the Freemium subscription plan for private users.

Presently Idka is an open, free service, although there is a limit of 2 GB on the amount of storage that may be associated with one profile account.

There are 3 types of subscription plans:

  1. Personal profile accounts
  2. Business profile accounts
  3. Non-profit profile accounts

Introduction of credit card based subscription payment for Personal profile accounts is planned to start at the beginning of 4Q2018. For Business and non-profit profile accounts payment by invoice is planned to be introduced at the end of 1Q2018.

Idka will collect information necessary to manage your account and subscription payment. As set forth in the Privacy policy the Idka Service will not collect any information on its users, nor the content they upload, or produce any derived data in order to sell such data to any third party.

Accounts and profiles account

Idka is designed with maximum flexibility in mind and provides users with the possibility of having a number of account profiles, and switch quickly and easily between them to participate in multiple workflows concurrently.

An Idka user always has a Personal Profile Account for individual use and may at the same time have one or more Business Profile Accounts as an employee of a business, or one or more Non-profit Profile Accounts as a member of not-for-profit organizations.

Payable Idka subscriptions are on a per Profile Account basis. A user will pay a subscription fee for his/her Personal Profile Account, whereas the cost of any Business or Non-profit Profile Account will be payable by the relevant business or organization.

Root Account

The root account is always personal. It is identified by personal email and a strong associated password. The root account is either created by a person who signs up to the Idka service, or when a person who at the time has no Idka account is accepting an invitation to become a member or employee of a business or organization.

A root account is an entity used by Idka for administrative purposes. Each root account will always have a Personal Profile account tied to it.

Personal Profile Account

All Idka accounts have a Personal Profile Account by default and this Profile Account cannot be deleted without deleting also the root account.

Business and Non-profit Profile Account

Any user may create a business or non-profit profile account. The owner(s) of a business or non-profit profile account may add, deactivate or remove employees/members from the profile account at any time. Owners may also delete the whole profile account at any time.

Business profiles (accounts) and non-profit profiles are organizational accounts in Idka. These profiles have additional functionality to cater for the needs of businesses and organizations. The owner(s) of organizational profiles populates the accounts with employees / members and so there is a member number associated with all organizational profiles.

Price Personal Account Profiles

Idka intends to implement 3 subscription plans for individual users (personal profiles):

PlanCloud storagePrice
Freemium2 GB0 EUR/month
Basic20 GB2 EUR/month
Premium100 GB8 EUR/month

The amounts payable and restrictions on Idka cloud storage are subject to change. Other limiting parameters (such as on number of Groups, etc.) may also be introduced.

Individuals with an Idka account at the time of the introduction of payment will automatically be converted to Freemium subscribers. Should the Idka cloud storage of any such Freemium account be in excess of the limit imposed on Freemium accounts at the time, the subscriber will be notified and given the opportunity to upgrade to a suitable plan; or during a period of one month, download or remove material to get within the applicable limit.

Price Business Account Profiles

Business accounts are organizational accounts with additional functionality to cater to businesses. There are no free (Freemium) profiles for business users.

When a business profile is set up, it must be converted into a paid subscription within one calendar month. Contact Idka at

PlanCloud storagePrice/user
Basic100 GB9 EUR/month
Professional500 GB30 EUR/month
Enterprise1 TB70 EUR/month

The amounts payable and restrictions on Idka cloud storage are subject to change. Other limiting parameters (such as on number of Groups, etc.) may also be introduced.

Price For Non-profit Account Profiles

Idka has special prices for non-profit membership organizations. These have typically been formed by groups of people in order to pursue a common not-for-profit goal, that is, to pursue a stated goal without the intention of distributing excess revenue to owners, members or leaders.

When a non-profit organization profile is set up, it must be converted into a paid subscription within one calendar month.

Contact Idka to get an offer specially tailored to your organization. A price per member will be offered according to usage type.

Idka reserves the right to, in its sole discretion and without any liability of any kind, determine if an entity is a non-profit organization and eligible for a non-profit organization profile subscription plan.

Payment method

Idka intends to co-operate with a credit card based payment provider and charge monthly pre-paid fees according to the relevant subscription plan, provided however, that other payment methods, such as invoicing, may be applied to business or non-profit profile accounts.

Subject to change at any time

The payment terms set out herein represent the current plan and will be implemented barring any unforeseen events or change in strategy.

As such, the information in this Payment Terms is subject to change at any time. Idka will inform of any such change in due time and with an appropriated implementation time.