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What is Idka?

Idka is a collaborative social platform that allows you to share and communicate, while keeping your data private and safe.

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You can share anything from photos to files; connect with friends, family and co-workers, and your data remains private. Idka will not share your data. You control the sharing.

Idka combines functionality that is otherwise spread across several services – all integrated in a super simple and efficient user experience.

be social, stay private®

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What you get with Idka


Everything is straightforward - from navigation, menus and design; to login, sharing, communicating and file handling.


You own your own content. No one can access, share or control your content. When you delete, the information disappears.


Direct and effective communication with people, companies, and groups. Easy access to folders and files, with a clean and modern user interface.


With simple drag-and-drop you have access to cloud storage and backup.

What you do NOT get with Idka


Idka is subscription based and there is no advertising. That means there are no algorithms that track you and your activities.

Irrelevant content

There is no barrage of uninteresting messages and information. You choose what you want to focus on.

Shared ownership

Your uploaded content belongs to you. We do not ask for shared rights. Idka will not use or distribute your content.

Longwinded terms

Idka is a subscription service that you may terminate at any time.