About Us

About Us

Idka is a Swedish word meaning “to do” or “to accomplish”. We want to enable and inspire people to take control of their information and protect their privacy as they go about their business and social activity online. Idka has all the functionality you love about social media. Without all the stuff you don’t. All on one platform. Connect, work, share, and store – while your privacy remains intact. Express yourself freely, and safely.

Idka has all the usual functionality of collaborative social media, and then some – all wrapped into one platform. It is easy to post, chat, converse, upload and store text, pictures, videos, documents and files. Available on the web and on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Use Groups to organize topics, activities and projects and use Circles to easily share with groups of people. The Idka functionality is extensive, but this is just a start. There is much more to come.
Unlike most social platforms, there is no advertising on Idka, nor do we sell or commercialize your data, or encourage you share it unintentionally.

We do not ask for shared ownership or the right to use any of your data. Since we do not sell it, we do not need this. It is your data and not ours, and all is kept safe and private.

Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Göran Wågström

CEO and co-founder, Göran is a seasoned IT executive, advisor, and tech entrepreneur. He spent 20 years with Ericsson, in international roles ranging from Sales & Marketing, to Managing Director of Ericsson Germany and Head of IT and Consulting Worldwide. Goran led the listed company Information Highway / Adcore as CEO. He earned his Masters in Industrial Engineering and in Executive Management.

Bjørn Stormorken

CFO and co-founder, author, technologist, and humanitarian, Bjørn’s background combines software development and investment strategy with data protection and human rights. His experience includes Amnesty International and Human Rights Directorate of the Council of Europe. He was senior partner in the corporate department of Norway’s premier investment bank (Pareto Securities) and holds board positions in several companies, including VC funds. He earned his Bachelors in electronic engineering and political science.

Elizabeth Perry

CMO, specializing in creative communications and strategy, Elizabeth began her marketing career with Marie Claire Magazine in Paris, and went on to produce news, documentary, corporate identity film and collateral for companies like CNET-TV, Ziff Davis, PBS Television, Chicago Tribune, PowerBar, Dryers, Sundance Film Festival, Lockheed Martin. She founded Perry Productions and co-founded White Bull Summits. Elizabeth earned her Masters in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago.