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There has never been such a severe and real threat to society than corporations using psychological warfare to manipulate the choices of individuals through the use of emotional triggers. This attack on society, democracy and self-determination facilitated by the monitoring of individuals’ every interaction, must be stopped. It is time to move to services like Idka, who don’t just respect privacy, but enhance and protect it.

– Alexander Hanff, CEO Think Privacy


Privacy is at the heart of what we do, and that will never change. Your content is yours. We never ask for shared rights, and never disseminate or sell your information. Delete means it’s gone. For Real.

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Meaningful interaction

Connect with the people that matter. Chat, interact, share and store anything – all on one platform. You decide who can reach you and what and with whom you share.

Ad-free experience

Idka is a subscription-based service. There are no ads, no algorithms, no fake news, irrelevant content, or annoying interruptions.

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No long-winded, complicated or confusing terms and conditions. No indecipherable fine print. With Idka, what you see is what you get. Any questions? We’re always happy to chat.